SQL Server Monitoring
Now built into SQL CoPilot

SQL Server monitoring without the expense

SQL CoPilot sits by your side. It is there ready for action whenever you have an issue to investigate. Maybe you give it a second screen, or dock it on your main screen.

So why not give another task? SQL Server monitoring. Let SQL CoPilot silently keep an eye on all your instances and let you know if it finds a problem. This was the most common request we received and so we have now added SQL Server monitoring to SQL CoPilot!

How does it work?

SQL CoPilot already uses tags to group similar instances for quick access and management, so the same tags are now used to group instances to be monitored.

Assign the following alerts to one or more tags, specify thresholds and whether an alert is critical or just a warning. And that's it. SQL CoPilot checks the servers in the background and displays the alerts in a dashboard or list with popup messages and red/orange toolbar badges making sure you don't miss anything.

Alerts currently raised are:

  • Instance unavailable
    Alerts if an attempt to connect to an instance of SQL Server times out.
  • Blocked process
    Alerts when a process has been blocked for more than a set number of seconds.
  • High severity errors
    Reads the error log and alerts when any error of a set severity or higher is logged, plus a few other common messages that may appear.
  • Failed or canceled job
    Alerts when a SQL Server Agent job fails or is canceled.
  • Long running process
    Alerts when a process has been running for more than a set number of seconds.
  • Low disk space
    Alerts when available space on any volume used by data or log files is below a set threshold.
  • Offline databases
    Alerts when any database, other than a mirrored, AlwaysOn or log-shipping secondary is not online.
  • Overdue FULL or DIFFERENTIAL backups
    There are 2 thresholds used for this alert. The maximum number of hours since a full or differential backup was last taken, and the maximum number of days since a full backup was taken if differentials are also being used.
  • Overdue LOG backups
    Alerts when a databases that is not in simple recovery model has not had a transaction log backup for more than a set number of minutes.
  • Service restarted or failed over
    Detects when the SQL Server service restarts and raises an alert.

All thresholds used are fully configurable.


List showing all alerts and the tags assigned to them

Here we see that production, DR and dev/test instances are being monitored

List showing the Low Disk Space alert configuration

Here we see that production and DR servers have been given 2 thresholds, at critical and warning levels, whilst dev/test servers only raise a warning. This is all fully configurable.

Alert Dashboard

Here is a dashboard showing all monitored instances, color-coded according to issue severity. Note also the popup message showing the alert that has just been raised, and the badge next to the Monitoring On/Off button. Clicking the badge shows the alert list in the next screenshot.

Alert list

This is the list you see when you click on a badge

Alert detail

Clicking on any row in the alert list opens a connection to the instance and shows you the issue in more detail. Here we have clicked on the "Offline database" alert

How Much?

Nothing! SQL CoPilot is licensed for a small per-user amount and SQL Server monitoring is included at no extra cost.

Download it now and start monitoring your SQL Servers today.