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I have been using SQL CoPilot almost non-stop since I purchased it a week or so ago. I am finding it tremendously helpful.
D.J. - Database Administrator, PA

20 years experience as a DBA packed into the most useful and easy-to-use SQL Server tool available.

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SQL Server monitoring
Check for common issues such as
failed jobs, low disk space, etc

Tag instances to be monitored
Specify thresholds and severity
See instance status in real time

Scan your entire estate for
SQL Server Best Practices
Generate your report in minutes

Perform a SQL Server Health Check
All instances checked in minutes
Output results to Excel

One tool for all your servers.
All instances accessible from one screen, tagged and filtered by name, version and edition

Real time dashboard of CPU, memory usage, I/O, waits and all running requests.
Updated continuously

See the big picture.
Get an instant view of instance and database health, and drilldown for more detail

Detailed database analysis, including files, options, tables, views, indexes, statistics, fragmentation, operational stats, scans, lookups and more

View current activity. including running requests, sessions, locks, transactions, blocking chains, waiting tasks and connections

View historical activity. See the most expensive queries in terms of CPU, reads, writes and duration. Copy the SQL to the clipboard

Dive into the SQL OS
Get to grips with essential data about waits, latches, schedulers, counters and tempdb

Browse through internal logs and events.
Read from the ring buffers, the default trace
the system health extended event session

A SQL Agent dashboard gives a one-stop view of the job system, job success/failure and Agent log. One click to a graphical timeline of job history

View all recent deadlocks and drill down for their exact cause. See the resources involved and the SQL that was running at the time


With all this information available in one place there is no doubt that your own effectiveness and visibility as a DBA will improve, and give you increased confidence in the health, stability and performance of your SQL Servers.

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