Affiliate Program

Join the SQL CoPilot affiliate program and make money recommending the best tool around.

Do you have customers that would benefit from SQL CoPilot?

Do you have a website that could promote SQL CoPilot?

If you could answer "Yes" to either of those questions, our affiliate program is for you.

Here's how it works:

  • We provide you with a special tracking URL that links to the SQL CoPilot website.
  • You give the URL to your customers or add it to your website. When the customer clicks the link it takes them to the SQL CoPilot website and places a tracking cookie on their computer.
  • The cookie remains for up to one month - if the customer makes a purchase during that month, you get credit for the sale. This works even if they download the free trial and then return later to make the purchase - as long as it is made within a month, you get the credit.
  • The company that handles download delivery keeps track of all affiliate's sales and sends us a list at the end of every month.
  • We pay affiliates a commission of 25% of all sales made through their affiliate link during the previous month.

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