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I find SQL CoPilot invaluable and have come to rely on it daily. Indeed, I wonder how I ever managed to survive without it! I shall certainly not hesitate in recommending it to my colleagues.
S.B. - Database Administrator, UK

SQL CoPilot is for database administrators, developers and all support roles:

  • One tool for all of your instances
    All of your instances are accessible from one screen and can be tagged, and filtered by name, version and edition.
  • Estate wide reports saved in Excel
    Get a list of all instances, all databases (with potential issues) and now just added, a report highlighting areas that deviate from best practise.
  • Real Time Activity
    View CPU, memory usage, I/O, waits, important performance metrics and all requests currently running, updated continuously in a real-time dashboard. Essential first step when investigating performance issues.
  • See the Big Picture
    Get an instant view of instance and database health, and drilldown for more detail.
  • Databases
    A big collection of pages showing files, options, tables, indexes, statistics, fragmentation, index and plan analysis.
  • Performance
    See a performance overview showing CPU, memory, I/O, current waits and tempdb usage. Drilldown into each for more detail.
  • Current and Historical Activity
    See currently running requests, sessions, locks, transactions, blocking chains, waiting tasks and connections. Click on a session for more detail, including the SQL being executed. See the most expensive queries in terms of duration, CPU and I/O.
  • SQL OS
    Dive into the SQL OS, viewing essential data about waits, latches, schedulers, performance counters and tempdb.
  • Logs
    View the error log with all the noise removed. Display the default trace without the need for scripts. Extract deadlocks, errors and long waits from the system_health extended event session. Look at the ring buffers to see connection failures, resource monitor and more.
  • SQL Agent Jobs
    See a summary of jobs and agent log in a dashboard. Click through to job history and a graphical timeline showing all job history in a gantt-style display, color-coded to show success/failure.

I have been using the product almost non-stop since I purchased it a week or so ago. I am finding it tremendously helpful.
D.J. - Database Administrator, PA

With all this information available in one place there is no doubt that your own effectiveness and visibility as a DBA will improve, and give you increased confidence in the health, stability and performance of your SQL Servers.

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