SQL CoPilot v2.1.15 Released
Numerous improvements...

There are a lot of changes in this update.

In addition to a couple of bug fixes for usability and localization issues, there are also other significant additions

  • A new Security dashboard
  • A Configuration section with screens for options (sp_configure), server properties, etc
  • A Security section with screens for logins, databases, keys & certificates, and the public server role
  • A change to the way reports are accessed - see below

Multi-Instance Reports

Previous releases had a section called "Excel Reports" where you could perform scans of your SQL Servers and output the results direct to an Excel spreadsheet. This has been extended and improved as follows:

  • Each report is now accessible directly from the "All Instances" tab
  • The report is displayed in a table rather than being output to a spreadsheet - the option to export to Excel has been added instead
  • A report is available until it is re-run, with the date and time of the last run displayed at the top of the screen
  • Clicking on any row in a reports takes you direct to the relevant screen for the instance
  • Current reports are
    • Instances
    • Databases
    • Best Practices
    • System Health

As always, if you are an existing customer you will have already received the update to v2.1.15. If you have not used SQL CoPilot before, please download the free trial now and get started today.