SQL CoPilot v2.0.25 Released
Health check, performance improvements, database changes...

By Richard Fryar

SQL Server Health Check

Scan your entire estate for issues in this new health check, with the results output to an Excel spreadsheet.

See SQL Server Health Check for more details.

Database Changes

It wasn't obvious to all users that you could look in-depth inside databases at objects, files, indexes, statistics and more.

A new navigation section called Databases has been added so it is always visible now, whereas you previously had to click on a database in one of the dashboards.

Unused, duplicate and redundant indexes now show enabled indexes only, with new screens added for displaying all disabled indexes and hypothetical indexes.

And More...

Performance improvements have been made to the Job History and Job Timeline screens.

Failed, canceled and long-running jobs in the Big Picture now report on enabled jobs only.

As always, if you are an existing customer you will have already received the update to v2.0.25. If you have not used SQL CoPilot before, please download the free trial now and get started today.