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SQL CoPilot v2.0.17 Released
Real-time dashboard, job information and more...

By Richard Fryar

Major new features in this release include 2 new dashboards.

Real-time Dashboard

When you are told "the database is slow!" it is not always obvious where to look first. Is it blocking? Is there a CPU bottleneck? Maybe memory shortage is the problem or a query is scanning an index and impacting everything else.

Well now you have a new dashboard to go to. The Real-Time Activity dashboard shows up to date information about all of these possibilities updated every 10 seconds. Here is an example showing an instance where everything is going wrong! CPU may not look high but look at the runnable queues. Memory is also very low and there's blocking.

Please let us know if you find this useful, and if there is anything else you would like added (space permitting of course).

SQL Agent Jobs

A common request has been for a dashboard summarising the state of the SQL Agent job system, including job run status and errors/warnings in the Agent error log. Well now you have it - along with a collection of pages showing more information, including a gantt-style display of job history.

And More...

Another request was to be able to see and copy the SQL hash, plan hash and plan handle for running requests. We have done this by adding them as a comment in front of the SQL that is displayed in the session detail pages.

Other additions have been a few formatting changes and bug fixes.

And Next?

We have already started working on the next release. Two common requests have been for a method of scanning the estate for best practise (with output to Excel) and also for built in monitoring.

The best practise scan is a great idea, and along with a "morning checks" type of scan would be a great addition to the product.

Regarding the monitoring - we have thought about this a lot, as SQL CoPilot is intended as a tool for assisting DBAs and developers with "what is happening now" as opposed to background monitoring. The decision we have come to is that some basic monitoring will be added. Companies with only a few SQL Servers (up to 100 maybe) and just one or two DBAs may not be in a position to pay for other monitoring tools and may find this a useful addition.

Please contact us if you have any strong opinion on this, or if there are other features you would like added.

As always, if you are an existing customer you will have already received the update. If you have not used SQL CoPilot before, please download it now and get started today.