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SQL CoPilot Version 2
A complete rewrite from the ground up - now a standalone application

By Richard Fryar

Version 2 of SQL CoPilot has now been released.

As existing customers of version 1 will know, we have been very busy for most of last year redesigning and redeveloping SQL CoPilot.

Customers have very kindly been beta-testing the new software, and many thanks to you all for your suggestions and thorough testing.

You may have noticed that custom reports in Management Studio have slowed down considerably since Microsoft rewrote the tool in 2012. As a result, version 2 of SQL CoPilot no longer has any relationship with Management Studio and is a standalone application.

This has many advantages. Not only is performance much better, but it can integrate better with Windows (for example copying SQL to the clipboard) and can perform checks and generate reports on multiple SQL Server instances together.

Please download the free trial. I am convinced that you will want to upgrade to the full version.

Existing customers of version 1 are upgraded automatically and have been given an extension to their support/maintenance period until February 2018. They will also be given the opportunity to extend support further until February 2020 for a very low price.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the new application. Please contact us if you have any questions.