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SQL CoPilot Version 1.4.1
Now works with minimal permissions. And a couple of bug fixes as well!

By Richard Fryar

By far the most common request I've had is for the need to be sysadmin to be removed.

SQL Server permissions are fairly complicated, and writing code to enable and disable features accordingly is time consuming (as is testing it all!). So when I wrote SQL CoPilot I took the easy option and insisted that users have sysadmin membership.

But you have let me know that you don't want this. You want to be able to use reports that your level of permissions allows, and you're quite happy for some features to be unavailable as a result.

And your wish is my command! SQL CoPilot can now be used with just VIEW SERVER STATE and VIEW ANY DEFINITION. Quite a lot will be unavailable with these permissions, but add a few additional permissions and you'll have access to most reports. See Permissions for more information.

I also took the opportunity to fix a couple of bugs. Deadlock resources were not being displayed correctly for SQL Server 2012, and the sp_server_diagnostics process was being flagged as a long-running process. Both of these issues have been corrected.

If you downloaded the FREE version or purchased the FULL version before Nov 9th 2013, you will be sent another download link for version 1.4.1.

And if you haven't used SQL CoPilot yet, what are you waiting for? Download it today.