SQL CoPilot v2.1.27 Released

Emails, additional checks, bug fixes

It has been a while since the last update. We have been very busy adding more features to the Best Practice and System Health reports, but this is time consuming so we have decided to send out an interim release as it contains features that a lot of you have asked for.

So what does v2.1.27 have that so many users wanted?

  • First and foremost - email. You can now enter details of an SMTP server (anonymous only for now), and specify for each monitoring alert whether it should send an email;
  • You can also acknowledge an alert to prevent it from being listed (but you can view all acknowledged alerts if you wish). The alert summary in the toolbar and the Alert Dashboard still show all alerts, but the Alert List will be less cluttered;
  • Best Practice and System Health reports now have a separate line for each database, and clicking will take you direct to the relevant page;
  • A few more checks added, including for missing indexes, duplicate indexes and redundant indexes;
  • Some bug fixes, mostly minor stuff that nobody would have noticed, but one in which databases with a . (dot) in their name were not handled properly will be noticed by a few users.

As always, if you are an existing customer you will have already received the update to v2.1.27. If you have not used SQL CoPilot before, please download the free trial now and get started today.

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