SQL Server Monitoring Doesn't Have To Be Expensive!

While SQL CoPilot sits there waiting for you to investigate an issue or generate a multi-instance best practices report it is busy keeping an eye on your SQL Servers.

Instance Unavailable

A time-out has occurred while attempting to connect to a SQL Server instance.

Blocked Process

One or more processes has been blocked for a set amount of time. The threshold is fully configurable.

Error in the Log

One or more errors have been recorded in the error log. You can define the minimum error severity that triggers this. Other common errors, such as stack dumps and non-yielding schedulers, are also detected.

Failed or Canceled Job

Checks for any enabled SQL Agent job that has failed or been canceled within a set amount of time (configurable).

Long Running Process

Sometimes a query running for too long is an indication of other underlying problems. The threshold for this is configurable.

Low Disk Space

How low is low? You can define multiple levels for this. For example, a warning at 20% free and critical at 5% free.

Offline Database

Any database that is not online, restoring or the secondary in a mirroring/AlwaysOn configuration.

Overdue Backup

Checks for overdue full, differential and log backups. Different thresholds can be set for each of these.

Service Restarted

If a SQL service restarts or a failover in a cluster occurs it may happen too quickly for the "instance unavailable" check to detect it. This is an additional check to ensure it isn't missed.

Quick Setup

Tag instances for easy management.

Quickly define which tags to monitor via the Quick Setup function.

Change alerting thresholds if you don't like the defaults.

Setup SQL Server Monitoring

Monitoring Dashboard

See each monitored instance color-coded according to maximum severity.

Number of alerts of each type summarised in toolbar.

A popup appears in the top right for a few seconds as each alert is raised.

Click on an instance in the dashboard to see a list of alerts for that instance only, or on one of the toolbar badges for the full alert list.

SQL Server Monitoring Dashboard

Alert List

All current alerts or filtered by instance.

Ordered and color-coded with critical at the top. The list can be sorted by any column.

Click on any row and a new tab opens for the affected instance with the relevant dashboard displayed, depending on the alert.

SQL Server Monitoring Alert List


Get an email when an alert is triggered.

Configure which alerts should generate an email.

Emails smartly formatted, with severity, instance and alert summary included in the subject line.

Alert Email

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