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Identify and Fix SQL Server Deadlocks
Breakdown by process and resource

The application or development team have contacted you because they are getting errors indicating that SQL Server deadlocks are occurring in the application. They want to know why, and they want to know immediately!

Wouldn't it be great if you could spend just 2 minutes identifying the deadlock and sending them a report like the one below.

This is for a simple deadlock that I caused to demonstrate this report. It shows the processes involved in the deadlock, the SQL that was running, the hosts and logins involved, and the resources that were blocked.

This should be all the information that the developers need to fix their code and prevent it happening again.

SQL Server Deadlock Details

And There's More!

This is just one of 73 reports in SQL CoPilot.

SQL CoPilot is a suite of reports covering activity, performance, databases, logs, jobs, and more, and is one of the best value SQL Server tools available, providing more functionality than some better known tools at a fraction of the price.

"I find SQL CoPilot invaluable and have come to rely on it daily. Indeed, I wonder how I ever managed to survive without it! I shall certainly not hesitate in recommending it to my colleagues."
S.B. - Database Administrator, UK

"I have been using the product almost non-stop since I purchased it a week or so ago. I am finding it tremendously helpful."
D.J. - Database Administrator, PA


Respond quickly to requests from users and management. No more searching for scripts.
Get the data you want - fast - and export directly to Word, Excel or PDF.


If there's something you need to be aware of, SQL CoPilot will highlight it.
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The best value SQL Server tool - for the DBA or developer.
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