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All wait stats in descending order of total wait time. You can change the sort order by clicking the arrows at the top of each column. Click the + next to each wait type for more detail.

These figures are accurate from the last time the wait stats were cleared, which is either the last service restart or the last time they were manually cleared using DBCC SQLPERF.

What It ShowsComments
Wait typeThe name of the wait type
Total wait time (ms)The cumulative wait time since the stats were last cleared
% of total
Average wait (ms)Total wait time divided by the waiting tasks count
Waiting tasks countThe number of times a task has waited on this type
Max wait (ms)
Signal wait time (ms)The amount of time spent on the runnable queue after waiting on this type

This is a typical report

And here with CXPACKET waits expanded to show more information

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