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A graphical report summarizing the performance of the server. Covers CPU, memory, I/O, tempdb and waits.

What It ShowsComments
CPU historyA chart of CPU usage over the last hour (or less if the service has been restarted within the hour)
Memory allocationA bar chart showing how much memory is used by database pages, stolen pages, and free pages
Page life expectancyThe number of seconds that a database page remains in cache before being flushed. Higher values are better. See thresholds for the calculation that is used to determine highlighting of this metric in orange or red
Non-buffer pool memoryThe amount of memory that is used outside the buffer pool
Connection memoryMemory being used to manage connections
Optimizer memory memoryMemory that is used during query optimization
Lock memoryMmory that is used by the lock manager
Granted workspace memoryMemory granted to currently executing processes
Memory grants outstandingNumber of processes that have acquired a workspace memory grant
Memory grants pendingNumber of processes waiting for a workspace memory grant
SQL cache memoryMemory used by the dynamic cache for compiled execution plans
Average pages per secondA chart showing the average number of page reads, page writes and readahead pages per second. These are averages since the service was last restarted
Average I/OA chart showing the average data read, data write and log write duration in ms. These are taken from the virtual file stats, and are averages since the service was last restarted
Current waitsA bar chart showing the top 5 waits for currently waiting processes
Total tempdb sizeThe combined size of all the tempdb files
Active temp tablesThe number of temporary tables currently in tempdb
tempdb spaceA chart showing a breakdown of tempdb usage into user objects, internal objects, version store and mixed extents
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