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A breakdown of the memory within each NUMA node. On non-NUMA servers all metrics are aggregated under node 0.

Node Metrics

What It ShowsComments
Pages (SQL Server 2012)
Single pages and Multi pages (SQL Server 20005 and 2008)
Locked pages
VAS reservedReserved virtual address space
VAS committedCommitted virtual address space
Shared reserved
Shared committed

Graphical Breakdown

A breakdown of the memory within each NUMA node.

For SQL Server 2005 and 2008, the data is taken from the Buffer Node performance counter object.

For SQL Server 2012, the data is taken from the Memory Node performance counter object.

What It ShowsComments
TargetThe available memory split amongst the memory nodes
TotalTotal memory currently allocated to the node
DatabaseAmount of memory being used by database pages and execution plans
StolenAmount of memory not used by databases; includes adhoc query plans
FreeFree memory
ForeignThe amount of memory allocated to the node that is not physical located in the NUMA node. If you see more than a small amount of foreign memory, it is possible that grow and shrink notifications have caused this. It may be worth setting "min server memory" and "max server memory" the same to prevent this
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