Performance | CPU

A graphical report summarizing the CPU usage of the server.

What It ShowsComments
CPU historyA chart of CPU usage over the last hour (or less if the service has been restarted within the hour)
Cumulative metrics% Compilations/request - an average of the number of compilations per query. A high value suggests that a lot of non-parameterized adhoc SQL is being run
% Recompilations/request - as some stored procedures may be recompiled multiple times during execution, it is theoretically possible for this to be more than 100%. To reduce this figure, look at procedures containing large numbers of row modifications, especially in temporary tables, and procedures that interleave DDL and DML
% Signal Waits - this is the time spent by tasks in the runnable queue. High values are an indicator of CPU pressure
Current scheduler activityNo. of schedulers.
Active scheduler
Runnable tasks - ideally this will be zero. If it is regularly greater than zero when viewing this report, you may have a CPU bottleneck
CPU utilization by top databasesThis chart shows the relative usage of CPU by each database. It does this by looking at the top 1000 most expensive historical queries (in terms of CPU usage) for which data is available in sys.dm_exec_query_stats
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