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SQL CoPilot tells you when something needs attention

Overdue backups, failed jobs, low disk space and more. All the basics are covered. SQL CoPilot quietly watches your servers and tells you when something is amiss.

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SQL Server Monitoring Tool


Everything you need for issue and performance investigation

Look in detail at current and historical activity, performance metrics, waits, numerous logs and loads more.

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Investigate SQL Server Issues


Generate multi-instance reports across your entire estate

Report on instances, databases, best practices and system health. Export to Excel for easy sharing.

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SQL Server Reports

Over 20 years experience as a DBA packed into the most useful and easy-to-use SQL Server tool available.
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I have been using SQL CoPilot almost non-stop since I purchased it a week or so ago. I am finding it tremendously helpful.

D.J. - Database Administrator, PA

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