Database Reports

There are numerous reports under the "Databases" tab

Database List

When you first click on the "Databases" tab you are taken to the list of databases in this report

Database | Overview

Clicking on a database displays this overview report.

Database | Data Files

This report shows the data and log files for the selected database.

Database | Tables

All tables, showing number of rows and space used for data and indexes

Database | Table Recommendations

A list of tables without a primary key, tables with no clustered index, and foreign keys with no supporting index.

Database | Indexes

There are several reports for database indexes.

Missing Indexes

Unused Indexes

Redundant Indexes

Duplicate Indexes



Lock Stats

Latch Stats

Scans and Lookups

DML Stats

Database | Plan Analysis

A list of all procedures and triggers using index scans, hash matches, sorts, filters, parallel plans and more.

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