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A redundant index is one that is covered totally by another index. What this means is that an index on column a is redundant if there is another index on columns a and b.

As with most things "it depends". The two indexes may have different INCLUDE columns, or the "superior" index may be very lengthy and specialized - designed to help one particular query.

So look at the output of this report - but don't blindly follow its recommendations. As always, use your own judgement and knowledge of the database design.

This report is split into 2. A list of indexes where the superior indexes have identical INCLUDE columns, and another list where the INCLUDE columns do not match.

What It ShowsComments
Object Name
Redundant Index
Index columnsThe columns that make up the index
Include columnsThe INCLUDE columns that are stored at leaf level only
Superior indexOne or more superior indexes may be listed for each redundant index, along with their index columns and INCLUDE columns.
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