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SQL Server 2008+ - not available for SQL Server 2005 and for databases with compatibility level below 100 (2008).

This report highlights stored procedures and triggers within the selected database that perform one of a number of operations that can be detrimental to performance. This allows you to examine the code, indexes and schema and make changes that result in more efficient plans being generated.

What It ShowsComments
TypeEquals "Procedure" or "Trigger"
ScanThe execution plan performs a table or index scan
LoookupThe execution plan performs a key lookup on a clustered index, or a RID lookup on a heap
FilterThe execution plan performs a filter on a result set. This may be a candidate for code change, or the addition of an index may make the filter unnecessary
SortThe execution plan performs a sort. Is there an unnecessary order by in the SQL? Perhaps a sort is being performed in preparation for a merge join.
HashThe execution plan performs a hash match. This is sometimes the best option, but may be due to a missing index, for example on a foreign key
ParallelThe execution plan uses parallelism. This is a complicated subject and will be dealt with in a future article
CursorThe code uses a cursor
WarningsThe execution plan has generated a warning. For example that a predicate is missing from a join
Missing IdxThe execution plan has suggested a missing index
Elapsed timeThe elapsed time in ms from the last execution
CPU timeThe total worker time in ms from the last execution
Logical readsLogical reads from the last execution
Logical writesLogical writes from the last execution
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