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A report showing more information for a selected database, highlighting any issues that may need investigation.

The report is divided into several sections.

Space Usage

A chart showing the total size of data and log files. Used space is shown in blue, while free space is shown in green.


What It ShowsComments
OwnerHighlighted in orange if a domain account
CollationHighlighted in orange if different from the server collation
Recovery model
Snapshot isolation state
Read committed snapshot
Compatibility levelHighlighted in orange if not the same as the instance version
Read only
In Standby
Is encrypted?Highlighted if "YES". Take care to keep backups of the master key
Data purityHighlighted if "NO". This means that a SQL Server 2000 database has been upgraded, but CHECKDB has not had the DATA_PURITY option specified (or it has failed the checks)
StateOffline databases are highlighted in red, except for mirrors
SizeTotal size of all data and log files, including unused space
Date created
User accessHighlighted if not MULTI USER
Page verify optionHighlighted if not CHECKSUM
Last good CHECKDBThis is the date and time of the last SUCCESSFUL database consistency check


What It ShowsComments
Auto shrinkHighlighted if ON. This has major performance implications and should be avoided in production systems
Auto create statisticsHighlighted in orange if OFF
Auto update statisticsHighlighted in orange if OFF
Auto update statistics async
Concat null yields null
Forced parameterizationHighlighted if ON
Auto closeHighlighted if ON. This has major performance implications and should be avoided in production systems
ANSI null default
ANSI nulls
ANSI padding
ANSI warnings
Date correlationHighlighted if ON
Database chainingHighlighted if ON
Arith abort
Numeric roundabort
Quoted identifiers
Recursive triggers
Broker enabled
Change data captureHighlighted if ON
Cursor close on commit
Local cursor default
Full text enabled
TrustworthyHighlighted if ON
Honor broker priority


What It ShowsComments
Mirroring role
Mirroring state"N/A" if not mirrored. Highlighted if not SYNCHRONIZED
Mirroring safety
Merge published
Sync with backup
HADR Sync StateSQL Server 2012 only
HADR HealthSQL Server 2012 only. Highlighted if not HEALTHY
HADR ModeSQL Server 2012 only

Here is a healthy looking database

Here's a database with several issues to resolve

Its last good CHECKDB was in October 2012!

The database has been migrated from SQL Server 2000, but has not had the DATA_PURITY option specified yet when CHECKDB is run

Page verify option should be CHECKSUM

The AutoShrink option is set, meaning that the database files will grow and shrink in a continuous cycle, causing massive fragmentation, and performance issues

And this database has a couple more things that the DBA needs to be aware of

The database collation is different from the server collation - hence the orange color. Often this doesn't matter, but occasionally an operation using tempdb may fail due to collation incompatibility

Auto-create and auto-update statistics options are off. Statistics should be kept up-to-date in order to get the most efficient execution plans. In this case it may have been decided to run a manual update every night. Highlighted in orange to make sure you don't miss it.

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