Database List

A list of all databases, highlighting any issues that may need investigation.

What It ShowsComments
Database Name
StateOffline databases are highlighted in red, except for mirrors
SizeTotal size of all data and log files, including unused space
OwnerHighlighted in orange if a domain account
Recovery model
CollationHighlighted in orange if different from the server collation
Compatibility levelHighlighted in orange if not the same as the instance version
Suspect pagesHighlighted in red if non-zero
Avg I/O latencyThis is an average since the last service restart - taken from virtual file stats
Page verify optionHighlighted if not CHECKSUM
User accessHighlighted if not MULTI USER
Read only
In Standby
Last full backupFor details of the criteria for highlighting full, diff and log backups, see thresholds
Last diff backup
Last log backup
Last CHECKDBThis is the date and time of the last SUCCESSFUL database consistency check
Mirroring role
Mirroring state"N/A" if not mirrored. Highlighted if not SYNCHRONIZED
Mirroring safety
HADR Sync StateSQL Server 2012 only
HADR HealthSQL Server 2012 only
HADR ModeSQL Server 2012 only

This is what you want to see - no issues

Here is a database with an overdue log backup

And this one has potentially more serious issues

It hasn't had a successful CHECKDB for a while, and the page verify option should ideally be set to CHECKSUM.

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