Database | Data Files

A list of all data and log files for the selected database, with issues highlighted.

What It ShowsComments
Logical file name
FilegroupData files only
Physical filenameHighlighted if on the C: drive. This increases downtime if there is an issue with the system drive
Size (MB)
Max size (MB)
GrowthHighlighted if set to a percentage, or NONE
Avg read (ms)Data files are highlighted in orange if > 50ms, and red if > 100ms.
Log files are highlighted in orange if > 5ms, and red if > 10ms
Virtual log filesLog files only. Highlighted in orange if > 30

Here is an example showing a couple of issues

The write latency of 52ms is higher than ideal.

The log consists of far too many virtual log files. Shrinking to a minimum size, and then growing it immediately in one operation should reduce the number of VLFs and improve performance.

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