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All currently waiting tasks are displayed, showing the wait type and resource or object involved in the wait.

What It ShowsComments
SPIDThe SPID of the session waiting on a resource
ECIDThe execution context Id. This is non-zero when a request has been split into multiple parallel threads.
Duration (ms)The number of milliseconds the request has been waiting for
Wait Type
Blocking SPIDFor locks, this is the SPID causing the block
ObjectThis is a database object or page type (PFS, GAM or SGAM)

Expand a row for further information.

What It ShowsComments
Resource DescriptionThe internally generated description of the resource being waited on. SQL CoPilot parses this to extract enough information to be able to display database, object and index in the other columns.
IndexIf the resource is a particular index
AppThe client application

Click on a row to display more detail in the Session Detail report.

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