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Dashboards, charts and data for a detailed view of what's happening right now, and what has happened in the recent past!


Multiple dashboards from high level instance summaries and real-time activity through to performance, jobs and security. More dashboards added regularly.


Current and historical activity. What is running right now. Visual display of blocking chains. Most expensive SQL in terms of CPU and I/O. Copy the SQL to the clipboard for further analysis in SSMS.


Which databases have overdue backups or CHECKDB. In depth analysis of all database indexes, including missing, duplicates, redundant, unused, hypothetical and most fragmented. Script commands to create or drop indexes and copy to the clipboard.

Performance Metrics

Everything you need to know about CPU, memory and I/O performance. See recent CPU history. Are compilations causing unnecessary overhead? What is using the memory? Which databases are responsible for the most I/O and suffering from the worst latency.


The SQL Server Operating System exposes a wide range of metrics, including wait types, latches, scheduler information and performance counters. SQL CoPilot presents this information at a click of the mouse.

Logs and Ring Buffers

Events are recorded in the error log, agent log, default trace and numerous ring buffers for things like connectivity issues, resource contention and more. SQL CoPilot extracts this data and presents it in an easy to read format.

System Health

An extended event session called system_health runs by default, and SQL CoPilot provides a quick and easy way to access the captured events. Long waits, exceptions, and deadlocks are just some of what is available.

SQL Server Agent

In addition to the job dashboard there are views of the agent log, all jobs with job history, and a graphical timeline of all jobs together in a gantt-style view.


This is a new addition to SQL CoPilot and currently consists of logins, database options, keys, certificates, and a breakdown of public server role permissions. More is due to be added soon and will be sent to customers when completed.

Instance Summary Dashboard

This is the dashboard that is displayed when you first connect to a SQL Server instance.

Important information about the instance, including version, edition, service pack and memory.

A summary of current activity and performance metrics.

A list of all databases with potential issues or items of interest highlighted.

Click to drilldown for more detailed information.

SQL Server Instance Summary Dashboard

See The Big Picture

A big grid of metrics highlighting potential issues and performance metrics.

Color-coded so you don't miss any problems if they occur.

Clicking on any metric takes you to a more detailed view of the item.

SQL Server Big Picture

Database Checks

See all databases on the instance with columns for important config or status.

Color-coded to highlight items of interest.

For example, see quickly if any databases have overdue backups or if a DBCC CHECKDB is overdue. You can see offline databases and those not using CHECKSUM for their page verify option.

Clicking on a database takes you to a more detailed view from where you can check tables and indexes, see how up to date the statistics are, and if there is any fragmentation, and more.

SQL Server Database Checks

Real Time Activity

See what's happening now with a constantly updating dashboard..

CPU used by SQL Server and by other processes on the server.

The length of the runnable queue on each scheduler is shown. This is the best indicator of CPU contention.

Also memory metrics, including page life expectancy and available server memory.

Active requests and current wait types are displayed along with I/O throughput and latency.

And finally, in the familiar grid at the top of the dashboard, are numerous other metrics showing how busy the instance, wheher there is blocking, and more.

SQL Server Real Time Activity

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